Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meizu Technology will manufacture smartphones in India

Confident of replicating China success, Chinese smartphone company Meizu to start production in Chennai with Foxconn.
MX5 for Twenty Thousand Rupees was launched in India. Alibaba is credited with making Meizu enter India. Vice President says that after-service and product are the services. They may start production in Chennai. Every product may be launched in China and India at the same time. They will integrate the local apps and web service platform being planned by Alibaba, who is also working with Snapdeal. They say they have good supply chain around the world and they want to communicate with customers every day via e-communication. They researched and found that customer service centres were the most important thing in India. Meizu will provide both offline and online.
"... What brings you to India?
India in some ways similar to China market, the foundation is the same—it prefers high speed, high performance products over high price products. We have done this in China, so we can do this in India because it is what we do best—balance quality and price. In India, people are shifting from feature phones to smartphones. In doing that, first they go for low-end smartphones, but 12 months later they shift to better, higher priced and higher performance smartphones. We have seen that happen in China. Next 12 months they switch to third smartphones not for high performance, but for good design and some kind of user experience function, so the third smartphone will be that kind of phone—and we sell that kind of phone. We are putting together 15 people team in India. In China, we are one of the best smartphones in this price range. In India, we can do the same thing. ..."
"... What are challenges that you see in India market?
Most challenging is to find our early adopters. At present, we have about 4,000 customers through our sale on in May. We sold 4,000 phones in four minutes. ..."
"... What kind of operating system (OS) are you running?
Our OS is name Flyme OS—it is modified from Android Lollipop. Android is a very good operating system, but we know, we match our customers better than Google. ... we can offer highly customised and optimised OS based on latest Android features that matches our customers very well. ... true need of Indian customer. So, we are putting together a team specially for India.

Will you look at smartphones with Alibaba’s OS YunOS?
Alibaba developed its own Android-based OS, YunOS, and was working with Taiwan personal computer giant Acer to develop a phone with the system to promote its e-commerce services in 2012. ... no major manufacturer has dared to defy Google and make phones using the YunOS, ...
Alibaba has a big presence in India. ... we can consider bringing smartphones with Alibaba’s OS YunOS with localised content. ..."
Li Nan,Vice President, Meizu Technology,
Chinese Smartphone Manufacturer.
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