Monday, October 5, 2015

Economic Handling is most approved from amongst Unemployment, Pro Poor, Tackling Terrorism

 Clean India campaign is the most popular of all moves by Modi India's PM.
There has been an overall satisfaction in Modi's handling of the Economy. But there is a worry about the country's air quality, healthcare and education, and the persistent crime. Sending people to the toilets has found takers. This is the most popular move from amongst Unemployment, Terrorism, Pro Poor, Price Rise, Corruption, Communal Relations.
"... Modi had launched an ambitious Clean India campaign on October 2 last year, which includes providing access to a toilet at every school and house in the country by 2019. It will entail building around 60 million toilets nationwide.
In the 2015 financial year, the government built 5.8 million toilets, according to data from the ministry of drinking water & sanitation. This fiscal, up to September 17, another 3.4 million toilets were built.
Such is the allure of Modi’s toilet crusade, among other issues, that even those who support the opposition Congress party can’t help but back the prime minister on this mission. ..."

Indian Public's Approval Index Of Indian PM Narendra Modi's Programmes.
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See charts here on the approval quotient or approval index of Modi's initiatives.

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